A List of Time Suckers When You’re Writing

11. Looking for a paper clip under the bed when there’s a full box on the desk.

10. Making a resolution that you will clean out the junk drawer, and doing it.

9. Sharpening, shaving a mechanical pencil lead.

8. Procrastinating, then procrastinating, then….

7. Plucking out another grey hair instead of hitting the send button when submitting a short story to a literary magazine.

6. Watching Puss in Boots in a cat fight and trying to count how many Siamese cats there were in the scene.

7. Editing the same paragraph until it becomes unreadable to Earthlings and publishers.

6. Making a sacrificial offering, of my best sentence, to the Writing Muse.
(There is no such thing.)

5. Telling yourself, ” I can write,”ten times then forgetting how to spell non-sense.

4. Did I forget to feed the monkey?

3. Reading a great review and forgetting that your mother wrote it when you were six.

2. Learning how to write backwards like Leonardo Da Vinci.
Leonardo da Vinci - presumed self-portrait - WGA12798
Leonardo da Vinci [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Making this list instead of editing my work!

Copyright 2014 Digestible Ink


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