A Summer Drive

401 Traffic Jam

We piled in the Austin, for our drive to the lake. We wore shorts, exposing our knobby knees. With the dog Philly and Gran, in her Shop TV jewels, there was Simon her parrot in the back seat too.Mom was up front with her thermos of gin fizz.

Gran whined that her seat pricked then remembered, she stolen a hat pin yesterday. We sped up the ramp as I caught a stripped spider that sat preening on mom’s hair. Mom squealed and dad swerved swearing. I faced Phil’s butt as the parrot kept repeating,” Nuts to you sugar. Nuts to you “. Traffic was bumper to bumper on the exodus but we sang out, Shook Me All Night Long, until my tonsils hurt.

The day was sweltering, the sun divine. The car smelt like BBQ all gone wrong.Dad pulled over in a punch of dust. Black smoke billowed from the car’s exhaust. We all jumped out, the few, the ironic, watching dad’s wheels blaze like a Roman candle.

Our adventure was captured live on the Channel 6 News, “A family on holiday” with knobby knees. Dad’s green Austin burned then heaved, but Mom stood smiling, sipping her cool gin fizz.

2015 © Digestible Ink

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Photo From: Wiki Commons


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