What…100 Followers?

Extreme Gingerbread

Today, I hit the magic number –100. I can’t believe it! I’m sure many of you have hit higher numbers, but for this small time writer, I’m chucked, honored and …nervous.

How do you please one hundred visitors? What do serve them? Are you all wearing your P.J’s at midnight when you’re reading this or have you just picked up the dog deposit as you’re stepping out your door and  tapping your phones screen ? I wish I had a dog and not for the previous comment.

I’m not a perfect being. I can’t promise that the next posts will thrill, amuse or repel more followers. All I can do is plod along and respect the believing community. You are the kings and queens, the continent of electric eyes.And I am grateful for this simple trust.

Now, go forth and have a cookie on me!






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