The Theory of Everything Else

Sonnenclip Aufsatz.jpgAs writers we create  alternate realities or at the very least we believe that we do. Our plotting, character development, and the time we spend writing must shift time and space if not for us then for our readers. This superpower is sourced from our imagination and the will to create. But,lets  suppose dear readers that we do shift time during this process or better yet we are writing about an existing alternate universe that we subconsciously tap into.

I can imagine that you are rolling your eyes and twitching your idle finger towards the close tab  on your browser. In truth, I would be doing the same, but here’s what sparked this blog…I lost my sunglasses.

I was unpacking a delivered box on the kitchen counter. It was filled with reams of plastic air puffed packing material. My sunglasses were underneath. After I pulled the first ream, of stuffing, I heard a clank rattle. My brain easily understood that my sunglasses had fallen off the counter and on to the floor. I continued to unpack the box knowing that I’ll pick them up later. The next day, I reached for my glasses which usually lay on the kitchen counter and they were not there.

Right, they fell off the counter yesterday.

I was on my hands and knees for an hour searching every conceivable cranny and crack. I went further, beyond the noise I remembered and searched the cupboards and drawers. I was home alone the day of the delivery and the following day. I have no pets that could have squirreled them away.They were my favorite sunglasses. Where did they disappear to?

Logarhitmic radial photo of the universe by pablo budassi 9MFK

Logarhitmic radial photo of the universe by Pablo Budassi . From Wiki Commons

It made no sense. In that state of wonder I begin to rationalize. The glasses were never on the counter. It was the scissors that made that unforgettable noise. I searched my bag, my pockets, my bike bag, and then the whole house.Nothing. What if those glasses  never existed in the time I was in. Your rolling your eyes again, dear reader. But we exist in different dimensions. You know them: the past, the preset,the  future and the unknown dimension which scientists and theorists continue to debate.  So then, where are my glasses?

Here’s the theory. I never had them. They were a memory from another dimension that I had inadvertently fazed with. That’s right, I’m a time traveler. We all are, but don’t use this theory to try to explain why you ate all the double fudge ice cream to your valued partner. What ice cream? Oh, your time traveling, You ate it in the other dimension. (She said with a straight face.)

When we write, we travel through time. As the omniscient being we see all, the past , the present and the future of our characters lives. We can predict it all and that’s why we are time travelers who exist without barriers. This ability  only works in the fictional realm. As to tapping into the dimensions beyond our reality, well this hasn’t been perfected yet.

My glasses are gone. The idea that they never existed is a weak one. When I threw out that packing material, I more than likely swooped up my sunglasses right into the recycling bin.

If my other dimensional being is having a vision of writing a blog  and wearing my glasses, can you leave them on the kitchen counter tomorrow?



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