Flash Fiction Friday Honors

Fire works

The winners have been announced for last weeks Flash Fiction contest.

Here are the judges, Holly Geely and Foy Iver’s comments about the fantastic turn out:

HG: Good morrow, fellow writers; you have moved me with your display of talent, creativity, and pun-mastery. I was hoping for a bit of silliness and was not disappointed. I am honoured to have this opportunity to present winners, and look forward to the next adventure.

FI: The inaugural Friday of a new format and look you all, dragony wings unruffled, laying gems at our feet! And is there something in the air? Death, annihilation, and mayhem must be on vacation with optimism and humor filling in; the body count was pleasantly low. While reading, I was swept along in swashbuckling tales of swapped identities, hilariously antithetical ghosts doomed to haunt the same grounds, brooding revenge fantasies–and some not so brooding! And each one laudable for its own traits. The stories standing here are those that demanded to be recognized, succulent, singular, and not soon forgotten.

Congratulations to all the deserved winners. My entry , Wedding Night, received honorable mention which was a great surprise. And I’m looking forward to the next challenge. What a splendid way to start a week.




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