Your Talented, Get Your Work Published

Blake manuscript – Let the Brothels of Paris be opened. From Wiki Commons.


Now that you’ve written  a  fabulous short story or poem, I bet you’re itching to get paid for writing it or you’re looking for a wider audience to appreciate your genius. Right?

I’ve found the following site.It lists magazines and publishing sites that could be interested in publishing your talent and, yes, they will pay you for it after the submission process.  Here’s the link to:


This free site lists a wide variety of publishers  in all the genres.

I’m just spreading the Karma and hope this inspired you to finish that idling piece siting in your unfinished file.

Have you discovered a publishing site  willing to pay for creative writing?  Share the address below or resource name. I know many readers and writes would appreciate the information.

Good Luck my diligent artists!



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