Can it be ?
is it true?
1001 pairs
of eye balls
stared here too.

This tiny space
saw your gaze.
Truly amazed.
Or were they sent
by a puppeteer?

A mastermind with super powers
luring readers from their showers,
from the east, west, north, and south.
All wet with anticipation.
A craving naked nation.

Or did the corporate spiders
lure the web-o-sphere readers,
here to visit this lonely site
all 1001 pairs starring alight?

This bad poem will disappoint
there are no plots or clever points,
just a thank you and 1001 nods
I don’t know how to send viewer refunds.

(c) 2015 Digestible Ink

Thank you all for your fabulous support. Whether you stopped at this blog for a second or came by mistake, I hope you’ll come again.

Here’s to another twenty or so more views!



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